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Sanibel Island [On Vacation]

short zadig et voltaire
That was last friday, just before going out for diner.
Vendredi soir, juste avant de sortir dîner.

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Sunset [On Vacation]

Tenue d'été
That was yesterday, and the plan was: Gulf of Mexico beach, sunset, frozen margaritas and crab cakes : ))
C’était hier, Golf du Mexique, Coucher de soleil, frozen margaritas et crab cakes au programme!

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Instabubble #14

What’s been going on lately on my instagram account!
I’ll be away for 3 weeks, but will sure update the blog a few times a week, and will keep posting on instagram as well.
Je serai en vacances pour 3 semaines, mais publierai quelques billets sur le blog, et bien sûr, je posterai sur instagram aussi : )
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