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Après un peu plus de 4 ans, le temps est venu de dire adieu au blog. J’ai souvent pensé à ce moment, plutôt avec appréhension, mais finalement ce soir, ma décision est mûrement réfléchie, je suis prête à tourner une page et cela me semble naturel.

Je ne saurais suffisamment vous remercier, pour vos visites, vos encouragements et votre gentillesse au fil de ces années légères et futiles. Ce blog, c’est vous, un peu, moi, un peu, et l’amour du chiffon, beaucoup ;-)

Du fond du coeur. Merci …

After four years of blogging, it is now time to say goodbye. Of course, i will be there on instagram, but still, a page is turned tonight.

What can say? Thank You, thousands of Thank You, for your visits, and kind words. I am so grateful to have lived this little adventure with you …

PS: Et puis, nous ne nous quitterons pas vraiment, il reste (pour le moment) instagram.

Ellis in Grey [Outfit]

Edit: i have just added a few items on my Tictail Store!

Pull Ellis Heimstone Anthracite

Heimstone Ellis Knit, Masscob Top, Five Jeans Skinny Jeans, Chanel Boy Bag, Isabel Marant Poppy Pumps, Céline Bracelets

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Celine and I … [It’s over]

This is a christmas + birthday gift for my mum. Yes : ) she said, last time i saw her, that she loved this trio bag, and she deserves it.
But this is also, probably, my last Céline bag purchase for a while.
Because … Céline, i love all your bags, but why do you make them in such a poor quality? I am the kind of girl who thinks that a luxury bag should last forever and stay beautiful forever. Well, my own Trio is still holding up pretty well, and let’s keep fingers crossed that my mum’s will too, but i have heard a few bad stories about broken handles after a couple of months. Now, i also own a Gusset tote. I love it. It’s gorgeous. But, let’s face it, it has “a few” scratches that hurt my heart a little everytime i wear it. Then, there was the epic case of my Tie bag, last spring. It was brand new. The leather was nice and even when i got it, and all of a sudden, it went all weird, in a very bad way, after only a month : ((( I had to play my blogger card to return it, though. Because they at Céline have a front-desk defensive policy to say THIS is “beautiful”. So, i eventually swapped my Tie bag (RIP, baby) for a gorgeous Classic Box. And then again … desillusion. If you wear it 5 times, you’ll get 5 scratches, and then you can keep counting … A that point, let us just remind its price: 2.400€. Who can accept that? I can’t. Sorry Céline. I still love your glasses and jewelry, though, and will be glad to get back to you when bag quality improves, but right now, let’s just consider we are on a long break.
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